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Good Health, Better World

Jan 26, 2021

How can researchers partner with community and government organizations to gain visibility into the social needs of our communities? 

In Episode 6, we hear from Joan Eichner, director, operations and evaluation, UPMC Center for Social Impact in Pittsburgh. Her work supports the development of comprehensive strategies across UPMC that address social needs of members and the community in order to improve health outcomes.

Host Ellen Beckjord also talks with Erin Dalton, the soon-to-become director of the Allegheny County Department of Human Services. She currently serves as deputy director, overseeing research and evaluation, evidence-based planning to help inform programs. The agency offers programs and services meeting basic needs and supporting safe environments for the most vulnerable, such as children.

Good Health, Better World is an original podcast series focused on social determinants of health, presented by UPMC Health Plan.